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Indio Reed Diffuser 90ml 3-4 Months

Sale price€30,00

Our reed diffusers are made from a plant-based and non-toxic diffuser base, essential oils and botanical fragrances. Each amber glass diffuser comes with 8 natural rattan reeds. The easiest, most low-maintenance, no-flame way of keeping your home scented. Our diffusers last 3-4 months depending on room temperature, and oil blend - don't forget to flip the reeds every now and then to refresh the scent.

Inspired by the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, held in Indio, California. With its balsamic and clean fir needle, earthy patchouli, tangy blood orange and smoky birch, one whiff of Indio and you will feel the desert heat

Top: Fir Needle, Blood Orange
Heart: Patchouli, Bergamot
Base: Cedarwood, Birch

Ingredients: Plant-based diffuser base, essential oils and botanical fragrances.

Duration: 3-4 Month

Size: 90ml//3fl oz

8 natural rattan reeds


- Remove lid and insert rattan reeds into the bottle. Allow the reeds to absorb the fragrance oil blend for at least 24 hours.

- Flip reeds weekly or as needed to refresh the scent.

- To create a subtle scent throw, insert 5-6 reeds.

- Keep away from direct sunlight or other heat sources to avoid drying out the reeds.


- FLAMMABLE, do not light the reeds. Do not store near heat.

- HARMFUL if swallowed. Do not consume and keep away from children and pets.

- Avoid skin and eye contact. May produce an allergic reaction. If skin irritation occurs, wash with soap & water.

- If the oil spills, clean up immediately, as the oils and resins can cause damage to some finishes.

Indio Reed Diffuser 90ml 3-4 Months
Indio Reed Diffuser 90ml 3-4 Months Sale price€30,00

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Varvara Pogodina

I love the scent collection of your brand ! I want to put 5. but i wish to be able ro buy a bigger bottle, after two weeks in my bathroom a significan amount of the liquid evaporaised, i put 4 sticks. I dont mean its bad, i wish to have it at least 500 ml for bigger room🤤

Hi Varvara, thank you for your review. We're happy to hear that you love our scents. Our diffusers last minimum 3 to 4 months. Due to safety issues, our bottles are not filled up top. So the level of the liquid is a little bit less then the bottle neck in the first place, and that might be the reason you think it evaporated so quickly. We can guarantee you that you'll enjoy it at least 3 more months. We will surely consider to offer a bigger diffuser bottle as well. :)