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We've Changed

We’ve been keeping a secret. We’re changing.

Over the 5 years of our existence, we’ve made thousands of home fragrance products that found a place in thousands of homes and - hopefully - brought a lot of joy. We’ve held an ever-growing number of workshops, hosting over 2000 people just this year. We’ve created countless new scents and collaborated with some amazing brands, working with some incredibly talented people.

Through it all, one thing has remained the same - we’re not afraid of change. As a small company on a relentless pursuit of quality, originality, and sustainability, we have to change.

Say hi to Very Goods Studio. Very Goods Studio is a fragrance brand/studio. 

With this new chapter, we’ll be continuing to do what we do - only better; growing our line of scented objects and introducing new home goods, increasing the capacity and variety of our workshops, and opening our doors to new partnerships with brands & artists looking to manufacture unique, ethically sourced & handmade scented objects.

Our new logo represents the very heart of our company - dedicated to creating the best possible, hand-made product.

We are very, very excited. We hope you are too.