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Festival Season

Is it festival season yet?

The role of music in our lives can’t be understated and travelling for music has always been in the centre of our lives.

Our very first candle collection was inspired by some of our favorite music festivals that we’d been to. 

I must say we've been to quite a lot of festivals, surely more than 30 so far. Some has amazing line ups, some offers limitless amounts of experiences, some great food... For us, the crowd is the most important element to make a festival unforgettable. If there is one and only festival in the world, that has the best festival crowd is Glastonbury. It's one of the biggest and most crowded festivals in the world, yet everybody respects each other and sing along all the songs together. 

Fuji Rock, Japan is another fascinating festival, and the crowd is definitely the most unique festival crowd we've ever experinced.

Coachella has hands down one of the most beautiful festival ground and sound system.